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Ethnic Studies (African Americans) (Display only the highlighted/core resources).

Subject Description: This subject covers: the history, contributions, social/cultural development, intellectual expressions, and present circumstances of African Americans.

Find Articles, Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

    Databases, indexes, working papers and electronic journals

  Academic Search Premier (all topics) from EBSCO Available in Full Text Authentication Required FindIt! Enabled Provided via ELM 
    Varies by indexed title; 1975 - present
Academic Search Premier (ASP) contains indexing for nearly 8,050 publications, with full text for more than 4,600 of those titles. ASP provides full-text coverage in biology, chemistry, education, engineering, humanities, physics, psychology, religion and theology, sociology, etc. Tip: Click the check box to limit to Academic (Peer Reviewed) Journals.
  African American Newspapers
Searchable database of approximately 270 U.S. newspapers from more than 35 states chronicling a century and a half of the African American experience.
  Ethnic NewsWatch Available in Full Text Authentication Required FindIt! Enabled 
    1991 to present
A comprehensive collection of nearly 700,000 full-text articles from 200 newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press. Provides in-depth coverage of a wide range of current and historical topics. Option for searching in both English and Spanish. Tip: Click the check box to limit results to scholarly journals, including peer-reviewed.

Find Biographies and Quotations

    Biographical dictionaries, speeches and quotes

  African American Biographical Database Available in Full Text Authentication Required 
This extraordinary collection contains narratives of African American activists, business people, former slaves, performing artists, educators, lawyers, physicians, writers, church leaders, homemakers, religious workers, government workers, athletes, farmers, scientists, factory workers, and more--assembled from biographical dictionaries and other sources. Their stories are pivotal to an understanding of the Black American experience over the last two centuries. Coverage is from 1790 to 1950, so it does not include biographies of contemporary individuals.
  African American Lives
African American Lives offers up-to-date, authoritative biographies of some 600 noteworthy African Americans. Subjects include slaves and abolitionists, writers, politicians, and business people, musicians and dancers, artists and athletes, victims of injustice and the lawyers, journalists, and civil rights leaders who gave them a voice.
Location: Ref E185.96 .A446 2004
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  African American Voices
African American Voices presents 35 full or excerpted speeches and other notable spoken words of African Americans. Each entry is accompanied by an introduction and boxes explaining terms and events to which the speech refers. The two-volume set contains pertinent black-and-white illustrations, a timeline, and a subject index.
Location: Ref E185.A2573 1996
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  African American Women: A Biographical Dictionary
The nearly 300 biographical sketches in this dictionary focus on women who have made meaningful, although often unheralded, contributions to American history and culture. Although the collection concentrates on historical achievements, several women reflect contemporary accomplishments or historical firsts. The women represented have made significant contributions to social reform, politics, arts and entertainment, religion, business, education, and the professions.
Location: Ref E185.96 .A45 1993
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  African-American Orators: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook
    mostly 1860 to 1996
A sourcebook on the major African-American Orators. Articles are substantial, ranging up to 5-7 pages in length. Each is followed by a list of Resources, Selected Critical Studies, Select Biographies, and a Chronology of major speeches. Volume has a general index.
Location: REF E185.96 .A447 1996
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  Black Writers: A Selection of Sketches from Contemporary Authors
Contains more than four hundred entries on twentieth-century black writers.
Location: Ref E185.96 .B545 1994
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  Contemporary Black Biography
This extraordinary reference series provides biographical profiles of important persons of African heritage whether they are personalities from the news, selected 20th-century notables, or individuals who are not yet household names. Each volume of Contemporary Black Biography contains 55 full-length biographies, Name, occupation, nationality and subject indexes are included in each volume.
Location: Ref E185.96 .C66
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  Twentieth-Century African-American Writers and Artists
This is a source of essential biographical and critical information about contemporary black artists.
Location: Ref NX512.3.A35 H43 1990
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  Voices of Multicultural America: Notable Speeches Delivered By African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Americans, 1790-1995
Alphabetically organized with cross-indexing by ethnic group, this reference source provides full reproduction of notable speeches. In the case of speeches that were not written, they are produced in the vernacular along with a standard American English translation. Each entry includes a substantial biographical portrait of the individual in question and includes a bibliography.
Location: REF E184.A1 V64 1996x
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  Who's Who Among African Americans
Short biographical sketches of prominent African Americans, in alphabetical order.
Location: Ref E185.96 .W52
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Find Facts, Definitions, Overviews

    Dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks

  African American Almanac
Completely updated, this new 8th edition provides a range of historical and current information on African American history, society and culture. Users will also find chronologies, texts of important documents and speeches, biographical profiles, legislation, essays, statistics and more than 800 illustrations to help them with their research.
Location: Ref E185.N385
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  African American Encyclopedia
10 vol. A-Z arrangement with index in Vol. 10. Entries include information on history, biography, culture, society, and current issues. Most entries are signed and include Suggested Readings for further research. Second Edition is the work of a great many hands; 346 scholars contributed the essays that appear in these pages.
Location: REF E185.A253 2001
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  African American Years
"The African American Years" focuses specifically on the history of African Americans from pre-colonial times to the present. This timeline is enriched by overview essays, sidebars, and primary sources - poems, memoirs, legal documents - and more than two hundred images that chronicle the story of African Americans and create a portrait encompassing its struggles, triumphs, complexity, and exuberance. Features include a comprehensive index; sidebars spotlighting specific people and topics; approximately 250 images; and a bibliography.
Location: Ref E185.S797 2003
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  African-American History
The Compendium of African-American History is a compelling reference work providing an overview of the essential people, places, thoughts, ideas and statistics that constitute the African-American experience. This compendium presents a combination of biographies, historical essays, and thematic articles summarizing African-American history from 1619 to the present.
Location: Ref E 185.E545 1998
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  AFRO-American Almanac
An educational resource that provides over 900 pages of historical documents, biographies, commentaries, and speeches related to the African American experience from slavery through the civil rights movement. The site is edited and maintained by Donald E. Jones II, an instructor with the U.S. Air Force, and Dr. Jack Powell (Diana Hacker, 2003).
  American Memory: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
Electronic reproductions of texts, images, and film from the collections of the Library of Congress on a variety of subjects.
  Atlas of African-American History and Politics: From the Slave Trade to Modern Times
The Atlas of African-American History and Politics consists of more than 150 originally produced maps which trace the African experience throughout the world and in America. The volume traces the complete history of African-Americans and their lives, employing artfully-conceived maps, and enhanced by sharply-written historic narratives, graphically reinforcing the facts.
Location: Ref E185.S574 1998
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  Black Firsts: 4,000 Ground-Breaking and Pioneering Historical Events
Readers will revel and rejoice in the stories of barrier-breaking pioneers in all fields-arts, entertainment, business, civil rights, education, government, inventing, journalism, religion, science, sports, and more.
Location: Ref E185.B574 2003
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  Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia
A scholarly compilation of biographical and topical articles covering key issues and the lives of African American women, celebrated and unknown, through history (Diana Hacker, 2003).
Location: REF E185.86 .B542 2005
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  Chronology of World Slavery
The Chronology of World Slavery traces the course of events, both great and small, that have defined the meaning of slavery throughout history. Unprecedented in scope and approach, the Chronology features seven separate chronologies covering major world regions and eras; 128 sidebars, each with its own bibliography, written by 44 eminent scholars; 80 primary source documents from diverse time periods; 120 black-and-white illustrations and 5 maps; and preface, introduction, and general index.
Location: Ref HT861 .R63 1999
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  Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History Available in Full Text 
Encyclopedia Britannica provides this brief online encyclopedia of African-American history.
  Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara
Covers countries, ethnic groups, and topics in nearly 900 substantial articles (Diana Hacker, 2003).
Location: REF DT351 .E53 1997
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  Encyclopedia of African American Civil Rights: From Emancipation to the Present
A one-volume dictionary of terms, events, and prominent people related to the civil rights movement (Diana Hacker, 2003).
Location: E185.61 .E54 2003
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  Encyclopedia of African American Society
Approaching the field from a "street level" perspective, these two volumes cover topics of universal interest in America: politics, sports, education, race relations, television and cinema, religion, literature, music (from jazz to rap to opera), and much more. The Encyclopedia of African American Society is also the first comprehensive yet accessible reference set in this field to give voice to turbulent historical trends - slavery, segregation, the "separate but equal" doctrine, implementation of fair housing laws and affirmative action - that have shaped the experience of African Americans.
Location: Ref E185.E546 2005
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  Encyclopedia of African and African-American Religions
Encyclopedia of African, Sub-Saharan, and African American religions.Includes bibliographical references and index.
Location: REF BL2462.5 .E53 2001
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  Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History
Offers extensive articles on people, institutions, events, issues, and themes related to Afican Americans; includes many illustrations and up-to-date bibliographies (Diana Hacker, 2003).
Location: E185 .E54 1996
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  Encyclopedia of Civil Rights in America
A comprehensive, well-organized reference source on the human rights and civil liberties that are legally recognized in the United States.
Location: Ref E185.61.E544 1998
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  Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics
This two volume set is organized in four parts to include: African, Asian, Hispanic and Native American contributions to American politics. Provides short 1-3 paragraph descriptions of major events and personages in American political history. In addition, each section includes three appendices with: 1) primary documents, 2) listings of organizations and contact information as well as 3)tables of U.S. House & Senate members. Includes time line and index.
Location: REF E184 .A1 E574 2000
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  Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society (Print)
3 vol., A-Z encyclopedia with more than 600 entries, some quite lengthy. Articles are written by acknowledged authorities and signed. Most entries contain resources for further reading. Maps. photographs, and other visuals are included.
Location: Ref HT 1521 .E63 2008
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  Encyclopedia of the Great Black Migration
Describes the movement of Southern African Americans to the urban North and West in the broadest social, economic, cultural, and most importantly, political context. Entries provide students and researchers with information about the key people, places, organizations, and events that defined the era of the migration, from 1900 to the 1990s.
Location: Ref E185.6 E54 2006
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  Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance
Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance takes a very broad view of the renaissance and the connection of this movement to the major social, political, and intellectual developments in early twentieth-century African American history. Consequenty, the encyclopedia not only addresses the artistic and cultural events directly related to the Harlem Renaissance but also examines the political, economic, and social environment in which the movement took place.
Location: Ref NX512.3.A35 E53 2004
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  Harlem Renaissance: A Historical Dictionary for the Era
    1917 - 1935
An extensive introduction by the editor, Bruce Kelner, contextualizes the entries on people, places, events, and organizations that are found in this volume. Includes a comprehensive glossary of abbreviations and acronyms as well as five appendices: chronology of significant events, Harlem Renaissance Library (publications, in chronological order, from that era), "plays by, about , or Feturing Afro-Americans, 1917-1935", serial publications from the Harlem Renaissance, and a glossary of Harlem Slang. Extensive bibliography and index.
Location: REF NX511 .N4 H37 1984
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  Historical Dictionary of the Civil Rights Movement
Provides over three hundred concise descriptions of the important people, organizations, events, and the multitude of executive orders, legislative acts, and judicial decisions which played crucial roles in the historic transformation of American society after World War II.
Location: Ref E185.61.L84 1997
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  Minnesota Ethnic Resources Directory
This internet edition of the Minnesota Ethnic Resources Directory contains over 700 total listings including descriptions of approximately 600 non-profit organizations providing ethnic or nationality services plus other institutional groupings. There is also information regarding citizenship and passport procedures as well as direct links to ethnic/nationality resources.
Location: An older version is available in print at: F615 .A1 M545 1995x
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  New York Public Library African American Desk Reference
In over 5,000 fascinating information capsules, this landmark reference captures the most vital people, places, organizations, movements, and creative works of a people, and provides a practical resource for everyday living. In its nineteen chapters, you will find: Timelines of African American History; Political and Civil Rights Leaders; African Contributions to the Making of the Americas; Holidays and Celebrations; Museums and Historical Sites; Religion and Spirituality; Health Tips and Recipes; Business Contacts and Professional Associations; Demographics and Population; Major Writers, Artists, and Musicians; Musical Forms; Sports; and more.
Location: Ref E185.N49 1999
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  Notable Black American Men
Notable Black American Men contains 500 one-to-five-page alphabetically arranged biographies that reflect a wide variety of areas of endeavor.
Location: Ref E185.86 .N68 1998
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  Notable Black American Women
Narrative biographical essays, edited by noted scholar Jessie Carney Smith, discuss each woman's significant achievements and the public response to those achievements. Book I features approximately 425 entries; Book II provides approximately 300 additional entries.
Location: Ref E185.96 .N68 1992
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  Organizing Black America: An Encyclopedia of African American Associations
Organized alphabetically to provide easy access to information about associations established by African Americans, interracial organizations that served a predominantly black constituency, groups working in the interest of Afrian Americans, and associatoin activities in cities with significant black populations. Each entry traces the origins, goals, foundes, membership, staff, activities, achievements, failures, and demise of AA associations (Nina Mjagkij, editor).
Location: REF E185.5 .O74 2001
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  Slavery in the United States: A Social, Political, and Historical Encyclopedia
Thematic essays, primary source documents, and a chronology enhance the alphabetically-arranged entries tracing the historical, social, and political aspects of slavery in the United States.
Location: Ref E441.S635 2007
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Find Statistics

    Statistical information, public opinion and data sets

  Black Americans: A Statistical Sourcebook & Guide to Government Data
Statistical information of Black Americans in the areas of: Demographics and social characteristics; Vital statistics and health; Education; Government and elections; Crime, law enforcement and corrections; Labor, employment and unemployment; Earnings, income, poverty and wealth; Special topics.
Location: Ref E185.86 .B5238x 2008
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  Facts on Black/African American Population
"Provides statistics compiled from government data on the social and economic characteristics of the nation's Black/African American inhabitants, as well as links to various reports, news releases, and data from the 2000 Census. Data on social characterisitcs such as age, child care, educational attainmnet, foreign-born poulation, health insurance, marital status, mobility, and women can be found," (Choice, Sept. 2002).
  U.S. Census Bureau
Offers access to an astounding amount of demographic, social, and economic data. The search engine allows for pinpointing relevant statistical tables and reports. The site is updated almost daily with newly released reports on such subjects as fathers as care providers, children without health care, and trade statistics. Many of the tables can be downloaded in portable document format (PDF) (Diana Hacker, 2003).

Use Research Guides and Style Manuals

    Assistance for research and writing

  Columbia Guide to Online Style
This site provides many examples for citing online resources in the bibliography of a humanities, social science or science research paper. See Preparing the Bibliographic Material once you have linked to this page.

Use Web Resources

    High-quality, reliable internet sites

  Africa: South of the Sahara
Selected Web sites organized by country and region and by topic. The site is edited and maintained for the African Studies Association by Karen Fung, deputy curator of the Africa collection at the Hoover Library at Stanford University (Diana Hacker, 2003). The Gateway to the Black World
Formerly known as " was launched in 1999 by the editors of the print Africana and Encarta Africana encyclopedia. Describing itself as the 'Digital Bridge,' this resource contains a wide variety of content and services, including e-mail, daily and archived news and feature stories from a variety of sources, interactive discussion, shopping, music, book and movie reviews, and a crossword puzzle. Feature stories are organized into 'channels' such as 'Black World' and 'Arts.' The Encarta Africana portion of the site links to articles featured on the Web page," (ALA, RUSA-MARS). Recently taken over by AOL - Black Voices
  American Civil Liberties Union: Racial Justice
  Everything Black
A Web direcory focusing on African American interests. Topics include arts & humanities, business, education, news, entertainment, history & culture, organizations, and sports.
  Facing History and Ourselves
A non-profit organization that provides teachers with professional development through institutes and seminars. "For more than 25 years, Facing History has engaged teachers and students of diverse backgrounds in an examination of racism, prejudice, and antisemitism in order to promote the development of a more humane and informed citizenry,"(From Website).
  Gateway to African American History
Produced by the U.S. Department of State and "updated throughout the year, the Gateway includes documents, articles, Internet sites and other resources which honor and acknowledge the accomplishments of African-Americans."
  Historical Text Archive
Offers more than 3,000 links to materials by country and region (with the United States receiving the strongest coverage) and by topic such as Native American, African American, movie history, and genealogy. Resources include both primary and secondary sources (Diana Hacker, 2003).
  Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Archive
  Racism, Race and the Law
  Stone Center Library for Black Culture and History's Guide to the Web
"Includes links and descriptions to over 300 scholarly and cultural web sites that are useful for researching African, African American, and African Diaspora history and culture."
  Women of Color Web
Provides access to writings by and about women of color in the U.S., focusing specifically on issues related to feminisms, sexualities, and reproductive health and rights. Also provides links to organizations, discussion lists, and academic tools concerned specifically with women of color.

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